HPE - Minne - 16 GB - Uppgradering

HPE - Minne - 16 GB - Uppgradering JW833A

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Beräknad leverans: 2020-10-06
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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  • Eliminate all the complexity
  • Inspect every packet in transit
  • Connect remote offices and workers
Optimized for 802.11ac, the 7200 series features a central processor with eight CPU cores to support over 32,000 devices and stateful firewall policy enforcement at 40 Gbps.

New levels of visibility offered by AppRFTM technology allow IT to see applications by user, prioritize them, and control access based on policies.

It also manages authentication, encryption, VPNs, IPv4/IPv6 services, the Policy Enforcement FirewallTM, Adaptive Radio ManagementTM, and RFProtectTM spectrum analysis and wireless intrusion protection.


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